Upcoming Classes:

Balayage Bootcamp

with Lisa Hart-Walker

​March 19

Balayage Bootcamp is a hands-on introduction to the art of hand painting. This class is designed for anyone looking to perfect their balayage and hand painting techniques. Lisa covers everything from product choice, mixing ratios, proper saturation, color formulation, glossing/toning, picture taking, social media marketing and more. You will see the techniques demonstrated on a live model and will be given the opportunity to mimic the same techniques on a mannequin.
Tips, tricks and secrets for a seamless finish will be revealed in this class.


Advance Your Color Game

Full Day Seminar

with Eric Charles Mokotoff

April 30

Brought to you by IASRaw
​Independent Academy Sessions

In this class you will create amazing color using the illusion of depth and tone alongside structual elements. Learn to creat seamless interior shadows with geometric balayage placements combining both foil and painting skills. You will understand tonal shifting and manipulation without the need for extreme color corrections. Say goodbye to the old ways of pre-pigmenting hair and learn targeted pigmentation and tonal compatibility.
Please bring your own mannequins, tripods and tools.


Brides & Braids Bootcamp

and Vintage Vault Program
with Nadine Donovan-Agiesta

May 19

For details, and to register, email Nadine at hairworkshops.nadine.com.

Professional Training

​​Hair Painting

with Maria Booth

June 19

Are you ready to kill your paints and freehand it all? Are you ready to paint like a boss? If so, join us for this fully packed day of hair painting. This class focuses completely on hands-on application and techniques. You will be able to use these techniques with any product you choose. Check out Maria's website for the class itinerary.

The Business of Balayage

2 Day Seminar

August 6-7

Day 1 The Essentials of Razor Cutting
In this exclusive class you will learn position, hand placement and purpose necessary to become  a skilled razor specialist. We will go over the anatomy of the razor, the best clients to use a razor on, what results you should expect to get from using a razor on your cuts and how to add texture and movement.

Day 2 Blondes Advanced
Our Blondes, balayage and babylights class is all about the specialty of creating natural looking blondes from warm honey to bright and brilliant. We address the art of toning, the power of using root smudging and base bumping to erase foil lines. This is a hands-on class where you will learn and practice each technique on a mannequin. Because this is a blondes class, there is a strong emphasis on foil work in order to practice lifting to higher levels of blonde.