The Ouidad Story 

Ouidad grew up in Lebanon, and was mercilessly teased about her crazy curly hair. She moved to the US in the 70s, and started working in a salon. From the start of her career, Ouidad studied the mechanics of curly hair and experimented with ways to work with it instead of fight against it.

In 1984, she developed her first curly hair product, and opened the country's first salon dedicated to curly hair in NYC. In 1998, she trademarked her Carving & Slicing (R) Technique and in 2000 began her certified salon network for stylists who learned her method. To learn more about Ouidad, her products and her method that we use, visit her

The Ouidad Method 

We are the only salon in Rochester trained and certified in the Ouidad Method for curly hair. The techniques we use will transform your untamable, unmanageable curls into a wildly sexy, yet totally controllable, mane.

You won't believe the difference the right technique will make on your curls. Stop dreading them, start flaunting them.

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