Custom Hair Wigs

If you’re experiencing long-term hair loss, a custom 100% human hair replacement system is a great investment in yourself. Completely custom-made from the base to the hair, a custom wig allows you the most freedom of all your options. 

We start by taking a cast of your head and design your base. Next, we select hair texture, length and basic style. Then we put it all in the hands of our custom wigmaker, who makes your entire wig by hand, right down to hand-tying each strand of hair into the base. 

We adhere the custom wig to your head, so it never slips or moves and stays on your head until you ask us to remove it. You can style it, dye it, highlight it, even perm it. You can shower, swim, sleep and lead a very active lifestyle in your custom wig. It truly becomes part of you!

Our Wigs

Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll help you select the right options for your lifestyle.

We offer a full line of quality synthetic fiber wigs that look and behave more like human hair than ever before. They’re less expensive than human hair wigs, lighter on the head and very easy to care for. 

100% human hair wigs that are properly fitted and maintained look, move and feel like your actual hair. Human hair wigs are the most flexible and last the longest of all your non-custom wig options – perfect if you like to style and play with your hair!

Wigs that blend of human hair with synthetic fiber give you the look of a 100% human hair wig, with the easy care of a synthetic fiber wig.
Blend wigs are less expensive than 100% human hair wigs, but move almost as naturally, and can be styled and colored to a degree.